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Alice Bisanti

Alice Bisanti

Giovanni Valgimigli

Giovanni Valgimigli

Paolo Ballanti

Paolo Ballanti

Ana Liz Ojeda

Ana Liz Ojeda

Valeria Montanari

Valeria Montanari

Il Tetraone

Accademia Bizantina musicians

Valeria Montanari piano

Ana Liz Ojeda violin

Alice Bisanti viola

Paolo Ballanti cello

Giovanni Valgimigli double bass

Il Tetraone is a piano quartet formed in 2011 within Accademia Bizantina.


The aim is to combine friendship and the joy of playing together of each musician, deepening one of the most interesting repertoire that the history of music offers.


Il Tetraone, naturally, performs on historical instruments, with a particular care to instrument’s fittings, tuning and temperament referred to the historical period.

Using these means, together with a philological approach to the score, the care of sound, the research of timbre and transparency, the group is able to propose a new lecture and interpretation of this great repertoire.


The piano quartet expands and evolves with the addition of Giovanni Valgimigli, contrabass player from Accademia Bizantina, to explore the repertoire of  piano quintet with contrabass, whose most famous masterpiece is certainly “The Trout” by Franz Schubert, but that reserves many other surprises, less well known by the audience, so fully beautiful and interesting.


In November 2019 the first CD for Novantiqua Records was released, in which the ensemble recorded the Beethoven Quartet Op. 16 and the Quintet D667 Op. Post. 114 "The Trout" by Schubert.

Of fundamental importance, since the foundation of the ensemble, is the partnership with Francesco Zanotto Instruments (, which supports the musicians of Il Tetraone with its prestigious collection of keyboard instruments and allows them to combine the right instrument with every historical period.

Listen to the album "Il Tetraone":

[Novantiqua Records, 2019]

"Il Tetraone comes from an ideal "great quartet" such as Accademia Bizantina, embracing its philosophy and closing a perfect circle in the most genuinely chamber form.

What is striking about this group is the clear adherence to aesthetic concepts developed through years of study and common work within our Orchestra, combined with a surprising personality and communicative nature.

Qualities and emotions that seduce. "

(Ottavio Dantone, director of the Byzantine Academy)

"Tetraone's way of making music reflects in a really personal way an idea of stylistic rigor which is not aridly academic, but which includes the joy and fun of playing together, allowing the interpretative personality of each person to be able to express themselves by dialoguing spontaneously and truly engaging freshness.

All talented musicians, you can listen to the complicity, the pleasure and at the same time the passion and the fun to be "musizieren" .... "

(Stefano Fiuzzi, artistic director of Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori

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